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The Women’s Fitness Collective is exactly that, a collective of Women banding together on their health & fitness journeys no matter how different and unique they are.

Meet Your Coaches

Coach Chelsea

Founder, Coach & Head of Nutrition

Helping women realise their full potential lights my soul on fire so creating a space dedicated to that has always seemed like a natural choice. Whether it’s on the gym floor, in a nutrition consult, a quiet chat at the side of the room or even providing guidance and support within our social media platforms, I just love helping women unlock levels of themselves they didn’t think were possible.

I truly believe that we are capable of anything that we put our minds to, but it’s the right guidance and support that helps us get there and that’s what WFC is all about- top tier coaching, programming, education, and community that lifts you up each and every time you walk through our doors.

I take my role as a Coach and Sports Nutritionist pretty damn seriously, so you won’t find me selling you the latest supplement or quick fix instead, I’m all about evidence based, client centred  approaches that create change that lasts and benefits your overall health, body and mind for years to come.

Find me on the gym floor or in Nutrition consults and reach me via Instagram @coach_chelsearyan

Coach Lauren

Head Coach & Strongwoman Athlete

Sometimes all you really need is someone else to back you in a way that you’ve never backed yourself. I’ve been in the game long enough to know that you can do a hell of a lot more than you first think.

I’m here to raise the bar of expectations that you set for yourself. 

 Want to lift the damn weights? Let’s do it.

Want a stronger and more focused mindset? We can do that. 

 It’s time to stop talking about all the things you think you’d like to achieve and start ticking those boxes and I’m more than happy to be the person in your corner, cheering the loudest when you do.

Yes, I’ll expect big things from you along the way – things that push you and challenge you, but that’s all part of the fun!  See you in the gym girl. Let’s do the damn thing.

Coach Caryn

Member Journey Consultant & Remedial Massage Therapist

Scary isn’t it, to make that decision to put yourself first and prioritise your health. I know first-hand because I’ve been there! I also had a scary, nervous and overwhelming day 1 but it was time to rip that bandaid off, be brave and just make a start for ME.

My role? I’m one of the coaches and the member journey consultant at WFC. It’s not a job but a passion and a privilege to guide, advise, support and help women of all ages and stages of life to realise their full potential. 

I will provide you with a space to train where you feel safe, empowered and motivated by the women around you. Where you can learn and grow without judgement. We are like minded women on our own personal journeys, becoming strong AF in mind and body and supporting each other in the process. 

Women who lift each other up! 

Your role? Show up for yourself, commit to the process because there are no quick fixes, give me 100% each time you walk through the gym door, whatever that looks like on the day, and I’ll help you become the best version of YOU!

Coach Sarah

Coach & Sports Nutritionist

Hey! I’m Coach Sarah. 

As a group and personal trainer and working 1:1 with clients in the nutrition coaching space, I help women to find balance and clarity amidst the ever changing demands of life, particularly as a mum. I also educate women about make lasting changes to their nutrition and training habits. 

I love doing it because being selfish to work on YOU, is hard, but when the wheels start to move in motion and results start to shine, it’s a tremendously rewarding feeling, knowing that I’ve made a long lasting, positive impact on someone else’s world. 

I find it so empowering to encourage and trigger healthy changes, but I think the most rewarding part is contributing to another person feeling and truly believing they are confident, capable and strong. 

 The world tells us all too often to look, behave, act, speak and conduct ourselves in a particular way but if that doesn’t suit your life then I say eff that, let’s change it so you can step into your true potential and find your own path to purpose and overall happiness. 

My desire for all my clients is to ‘fall in love with yourself and find pride in not only what you can achieve but who you are shaping yourself to be’. 

Coach Courtney

Coach & Nutrition

Hey, I’m Court. 

I love putting a smile on other’s faces and I’m not great with words so I do that by proving to you, how much more capable you are, than you think. 

For those just starting their journey, I’m so very excited. I’m here to make your initial stages the most comfortable they can be. But more importantly, teach you the things I wish I knew when starting mine, and what to avoid so you don’t waste your time. 

For those who are well into their journey, I’m proud of you. You may be thriving or you may need help finding your groove again. I’m here to continue your journey and build on your skills and knowledge. 

No matter your journey, I can assure you, I’ll be there jumping up and down when you reach your goals (and if you don’t believe me, just ask the gals in my classes. I promise they don’t bite.) Whether this be a deadlift PB, getting your first box jump, or showing up to the number of classes you set yourself to show up to. I’m here to see you smile and grow!

Ps. It warms my heart seeing gals smiling and having an absolute good time!

"In 2016 I joined this incredible gym. It has given me strength, confidence and lifelong friendships. I have set goals and with the support and guidance from the WFC Coaches, I have surpassed them, I never expected to be where I am today. I have learnt so much from Chelsea and WFC nutrition about food and fuelling your body. WFC gives me clarity, purpose and a continuous sense of personal achievement.”
“WFC has given me the confidence and ability to feel capable of going to the gym and not feeling daunted. I've learn’t so much from all the Coaches and feel stronger than ever. I’m so grateful to WFC.”
“I have been training at WFC since 2019, and they’re is honestly not one thing that I would change. I love every aspect of what WFC offers women, and the fact that it is so much more than just another gym. All the women behind WFC strive to excel in everything that they do both personally and professionally which is not only inspiring but also means as a client I get the best experience across the board; from the crèche, nutrition advice, to the programming- they always go above and beyond.”
“When I joined after having my first baby I was just looking for a group fitness class, but 4 years later I’ve been on a journey to becoming a stronger, healthier, happy version of myself that wouldn’t be possible without the support and guidance of all of the Coaches. The crèche ladies are incredible! Every class I’m surrounded by woman cheering each other on. WFC isn’t just a gym, it’s a community.”
“I’ve been at WFC now for 5 years now. Chelsea my PT from way back when I was needing a change and someone that understood my needs, not only with my fitness but also my well-being. I’m 53 years young and I’m the fittest and strongest I have ever been and I contribute this completely to WFC and the team of Coaches, plus all of the incredible ladies that I train with. WFC is the most supportive gym that I have ever been too.”

We look forward to seeing you in the gym!

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